If you have an allergy to cats, you may be one of the many people who are able to live with Siberian cats. The allergen  most allergic people react to is a protein in the cat's saliva called Feld1. Cats spread this all over their fur coats when they lick themselves while bathing.  Feld1 is also present in the sebaceous glands (skin) and the anal glands, which is why allergic people react  to litter boxes. There are two ways to test cats for their Feld1 levels – by saliva sampling, or fur sampling. Each test has its own set of values.

Saliva Test Range for Adult Siberians is 0.25 to 16 mcg

  • 50% of Siberians saliva test below 2.5 mcg
    15% of Siberians saliva test below 1.0 mcg
    4% of non Siberians saliva test below 2.5 mcg
    0.25% of non Siberians saliva test below 1.0 mcg

Saliva Results for Siberians: 0.08 mcg - 27 mcg

  • Extremely low: 0.2 - 1.0
    Very low: 1.0 - 1.7
    Low level: 1.7 - 2.5
    Medium Low: 2.5 - 4
    Normal / High: 4 - 16
    Very High: 16 - 27

Fur Test Range for Adult Siberians is 20mcg - 400 mcg

  • 50% of Siberians fur test below 120 mcg
    15% of Siberians fur test below 40 mcg
    4% of non Siberians test below 120 mcg
    4% of non Siberians test over 400 mcg

Fur Test Results for Siberians 7 mcg - 820 mcg

  • Extremely low: 10 - 40
    Very low: 40 - 80
    Low level: 80 - 120
    Medium Low: 120 - 200
    Normal / High: 200 - 400
    Very High: 400 - 820


    If you have a history of allergic reactions to horses or rabbits, if you are allergic to egg whites or pork, or if you break out in hives around cats, you still have an 80% likelihood of reacting allergically to low Feld1 Siberians. You are having secondary reactions to something other than Feld1, which characterizes your reactions to these other animals or animal products. 

    • Therefore we urge anyone with cat allergies to visit and spend some time with our cats for a while, before making the decision to buy one, in order to test for any reactions. We will be happy to arrange a time with you!

    • Please understand that hypoallergenic means REDUCED ALLERGIC RESPONSE. It does NOT mean
      Most people who find they are not reactive or have a significantly reduced allergic response, will know this after one visit with Siberian cats or kittens. If you are comfortable in our visiting room where we have many cats and kittens, then it is likely you will be comfortable with only one or two cats or kittens, in your own home.