Welcome to Del Toro Siberians, a small, home based pedigree cattery located in Columbia, South Carolina that breeds hypoallergenic, extremely low Feld1 purebred Siberian cats


About Us

Located in Columbia, South Carolina,  Del Toro Siberians Cattery specializes in beautiful, healthy, low-allergen tested kittens, raised under foot with LOVE.  Featuring competitively shown and champion cats, our kings and queens produce offspring in a variety of traditional colors and color points. 

Our mission is to provide you with delightful, loving companions and to enhance the breed's stunning beauty, charming personality, and low-allergen levels.  All of our cats and kittens are raised as companions and family in our home.  Our household also includes several canine companions, including two gentle champion dogs who help us socialize our kittens so that they are adoring and comfortable with other animals. 

About the Owner


Dean Del Toro has been involved with show animals for 13 years. Dean's  passion was founded in American Pit Bull Terriers. His mission is to maintain, preserve, and perfect the tradition of the breeds most close to his heart. Having grown up in a household where allergies deterred his love of animals, the Siberian cat breed offered Dean a unique opportunity to provide loving companions to households who may never have had the privilege otherwise. He worked as a vet tech for 2 1/2 years at  Lunenburg Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Flinkstrom  helped Dean establish and maintain his cattery by providing him with outstanding veterinary care for every cat and kitten that lived in his home in Massachusetts.  

Please feel free to contact us for references or to ask any questions you may have, including availability and cost. You can read more about our available kittens, fees, health certificate, vet care and guarantee on the Kittens page!

Thanks to Carol Goodman for her generosity and time spent in the creation of this website.