We are a small Pedigree Siberian Cattery located in Columbia, South Carolina. We lovingly raise our kittens underfoot, in our home. Read our About Us page to learn more!


Traditional Colors & Color Points

As shown in these kittens from our  most recent litter, we offer a variety of colors. This one litter had two tabbies, one color point, and one black and white.

Sweet, Playful, Gorgeous!

Meet Roman, from one of our more recent litters, as he plays with one of his new family members. Our kittens are beautiful, affectionate and playful.

Competitive Cat Showing

It is a breeder's responsibility to  engage in competitive shows to prove their adherence to breed standards, as well as to compete against other exceptional Siberian cats.


Making Lifelong Companions

Kittens are handled by the breeder starting at a young age and are introduced to other animals after vaccinations to make sure they are socialized and ready for the environment of their forever home. Skillful care during their time with the breeder plus their low allergen levels help them become welcome members of your family!