CH Lundberg's Rofey. Rofey, the charmer and gentleman of the group, has never met a stranger. Humans, felines, and canines alike, he is always ready to cuddle and doesn't take no for an answer. He enjoys being at the center of attention and any way he can be pet or held is always his idea of a good time. Time alone is spent trying to located friends with a delightful chirp, his preferred means of communication. His saliva test showed a very low FELD1 level at 1.7. Rofey is now a Regional Winning Double Grand Champion!

Del Toro's Walking on Sunshine, Flame Point. Sunny is Del Toro's first bred-by and youngest member to the family. He is as affectionate, playful, and adorable as any kitten could be! The son of Magic and Romeow, he has great genes to pass along when he comes of age. He shares his mother's love of mischief and they are inseparable, often engaging in games of Marco-Polo to locate one another. We are so excited to watch him grow up, from kitten to King!

Romeow was co-owned with breeder Mike White of White's Farm. He is a spectacular cat with a very loving and affectionate personality. He would take visitors' breath away with his striking look. During his time with us, he became a titled Champion and bred with Magic to produce Sunny. He was an absolute pleasure to live with.