Shea's Shadow Glamour of Del Toro, Black. Shadow has spent much of her young life perfecting the arts of a Ninja. She may actually believe herself to be invisible, and has nearly convinced her owners with sudden appearances in dark rooms and backgrounds. Using her powers for good, she is the first responder to any and all kitten cries and time spent not being invisible is used to alert owners of any plastic and small objects that may have been overlooked.

Magic,  Tortie Point. Hailing from Russia, Magic is the cattery's first import! Her strikingly beautiful face, attributed to a possible chimera gene, and overall unique markings have earned her (at least in her own mind) the position of household Diva. She is the mischief-maker and rabble-rouser, never missing an opportunity to provoke and run. She is certainly the most vocal of the bunch, speaking against the inequities of closed doors and empty food bowls. Her redeeming affection never ends, though, and she never turns down an opportunity to share it.

Vanity is the cattery's most recent addition. Imported from Bulgaria, she was named for her silver-and-gold coloring and  luxurious coat. Contrary  to her name, she is demure, quiet, and curious to a fault (and often her embarrassment). She can be shy with strangers and first to run from another cat's mischief, but also the first to cuddle up to her owners or favorite companions, Saphirah or a Pomeranian name Bear.